Cate´s art blog;
is full of shit;

Quick Wyatt headshot

The murder

ayyyyy lame fake anime ss


TAKE THIS! by P-cate

Back to neopets bby, childhood memories n all


"i must go kick some asses….again, *sigh*"

i am having a bad artblock believe me

wip maybe?

delight-in-destruction replied to your post: WIP.i have been busy with school and o…

its so nice to see you can still find your time to work on something you enjoy. dont stress yourself too much and just keep going at your own pace :) also, her design rocks (i would reblog it, but it doesnt belong on a nsfw blog i think TuT)

YOU ARE SO NICE KDSFJGIOLDSFKPLDF<333, thank you so much TmT!!. I´ll keep going on with that project!*m*!.

(Also your tags of my nsfw art always make me laugh, thanks for staying//crei)

WIP.i have been busy with school and only drawing traditional stuff. I have no otivation for drawing something serious digital but i DO have energy to keep going with Wyatt’s project

The sassy-looking woman is wyatt’s mother

Hairdresser by P-cate
a finished drawing yay!


Thanks to my friend who is helping me with some Wyatt’s project stuff(animations) i got inspired and drew this lil lad again QuQ.


Angry birds fanart!

Silent by P-cate

aaah its almost 3 AM i gotta go to sleep ´A`